Welcome to Critter Sitters LLC
of Pueblo, Colorado.  We take the "worry" out of your worries
 719-547-9337 or  crittersitters@q.com 

Rates & Services

Plan 1                          One Visit per Day (No Pets) 
$15.00 per Day             Check all doors and windows for security. Cycle lights 
                                   and blinds, check thermostat, water and sprinkler's. 
                                   Water indoor plants, bring in or take out trash. Bring
                                   in mail and newspaper.   

Plan 2                          One Visit per day  Recomended for cats only
$15.00 per day              Plan 1 plus pet care, including clean food dishes, supply
                                    fresh water, feed as instructed, change cat litter and 
                                    pick up animal accidents in house. Give medications 
                                    if required.  Check animals for obvious injury or illness
Plan 3                          Two Visits per Day  Recomended
$30.00 per Day              As in Plan 2.  (Most popular plan)         

Plan 4                           Dog Walking
$12.50 per Hour             Walk dog on leash for time & Distance requested
                                     by owner.

Plan 5                           Yard Work
$17.50 per hour             As requested. We will pooper scoop, water garden
                                    and plants, check and run sprinklers if required, mow
                                    lawn, clear snow, rake leaves and other work requested
                                    by the owner.

Plan 6                          Overnight 10pm to 6am
Negotiable                     Overnight stay for those customers seeking extra security
                                    and pets needing extra TLC. These visits will be in addition
                                    of any of the above plans.

Plan 7                           Horses and Livestock
$5.00 per Visit                This fee is in addition of any of the above plans and included
                                     feeding hay or grain, spray for flies check and fill water
                                     and give medications if required.

Plan 8                            Additional Livestock Work
$17.50 per hour              Clean stalls, stack hay maintanance of fence or gates as

Plan 9                            Emergencies
$20.00                           In case of unexpected emergencies due to weather
                                     flood, fire, animal injury or illness to protect the owner's

                A 10% discount to Senior's 65+ and deployed military personal

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